Karolina Skorek

In the heart of my artistic exploration lies a profound reverence for the grand masters of art, from the dramatic chiaroscuro of Rembrandt and Caravaggio to the rich heritage of Polish virtuosos. My artwork aims to forge a connection between the traditions of the past and the boundless possibilities of the modern era.

Transforming ideas into art: Explore my journey through illustration, painting, and design.

Every piece of art I create starts with a sketch that then becomes an etching. From there, it transforms into something much bigger: a scene filled with drama and details that would make the Baroque crowd feel right at home.



Digital Art
Traditional Art

I want to take you on a journey—one that’s not just about seeing, but feeling and discovering. Through my art, I celebrate the rollercoaster of being human, with a special shoutout to the ladies and the surreal experiences that shape us all. It’s a trip through the past, a glance at the present, and a hopeful look into the future.

So, what do you say? Ready to explore together? Dive into my gallery and let's start this adventure. Here, where tradition brushes up against modernity, we'll find stories of resilience, beauty, and the endless wonder of the human spirit.​

Would you like having a slice of this magical blend of the past and present in your own space? Or maybe you’re looking for something truly unique and custom-made just for you? Great news—you can own a piece of this journey or commission your very own artwork. By bringing a piece of my world into your life, you’re not just getting a painting; you’re inviting a story, a conversation, and a bit of light into your home.


Karolina Skorek

Karolina Skorek, is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist. She excels in crafting captivating imagery that merges digital and traditional art forms. Beyond her remarkable artistry, Karolina is deeply committed to education, offering workshops, masterclasses, and mentoring both online and in-person to help artists refine their skills. 

She also specialises in creating bespoke art pieces through commission services, tailored to individual preferences for homes or offices. 

Karolina Skorek Multidisciplinary Artist
Embark on a creative journey with me—commission a unique, bespoke piece of art that brings your vision to life or explore my gallery to find a piece that resonates with your spirit and space.

If you’re inspired by what you see and have a vision of your own, I’m here to bring it to life. Whether it’s for your home, as a gift, or a project you’ve been dreaming about, let’s collaborate to create something uniquely beautiful. Reach out to me, and let’s turn your ideas into art.

CV and Exhibitions

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Dreamscapes colouring book

Embark on a journey through the subconscious with „Dreamscapes,” a mesmerising colouring book by Karolina Skorek. Each illustration within these pages is a portal to a dream once dreamt, meticulously crafted over two years of visionary work. This collection is not merely art—it’s an invitation to partake in an intimate exploration of the dream realm.
„Dreamscapes” offers colourists an extraordinary adventure, encouraging the infusion of personal hue into memories of nocturnal narratives. Each image is a unique story, a captured reverie, waiting to be awakened by your palette.